Driveway Paving


For many of us, the term driveway factually cannot sound more familiar to the structure of human ears. Meanwhile, to some people in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, especially those who are speaking English as an acquired language, the same term might confuse them. As such, just so we’re on the same page, a driveway, or a drive if you’re versed in British English, is defined as a kind of private pathway created for the purpose of accessing local structures such as houses, garages, carports, commercial or industrial properties. Due to its private and unregulated nature, you’ll rarely see a driveway accompanied with a traffic light. The caveat here is that driveways are not actively maintained by the Ontario governments which means that driveway owners are responsible for the resurfacing, snow blowing and even paving of the driveway. Due to the same nature, the upside of driveways is that the extent of their designs and decorations is completely, solely, totally, unconditionally and wholeheartedly up to the driveway owner. With that said, if you practically can’t wait at this point to start your dream driveway paving project, give us a call at 289-217-9180 for a thorough consultation that ensures all your preferences are met.

Use of residential driveway
In North America, driveways pertain to more than just traffic. Events of recreational and functional properties such as basketball practice, hockey practice, automobile washing and repair and garage sales are often carried out on residential driveways. As such, it absolutely cannot be overemphasized the importance of having a driveway paving contractor that is up-to-par as a mal-paved driveway is a recipe for disastrous outcome, or even catastrophic consequences. However, if you’re like us who are tired of being mediocre in life, give us a chance to pave our driveway for you and we can assure you that you will not be sorry. Far from it actually. You will be ecstatic. You will literally feel an overwhelming, joyful happiness and excitement.

Paving a Driveway
As previously mentioned, one can basically pave a driveway however way that flows one’s boat. Some of the common materials used to pave a driveway include asphalt, concrete, gravel, block paving, decorative brick, decomposed granite and cobblestone. With those materials come many different types and archetypes of drives including concrete driveway, asphalt driveway, interlocking driveway, just to name a few. Having said that, there are pros and cons of each of those aforementioned commonly used paving materials. For instance, you're less likley to run into problems with concrete but if you're dealing with asphalt, you're more likely to have to consider sealing it from time to time. As far as pricing goes, you might hear quotes like $35-$50 per square meters or $85-$100 per square meter from our counterparts. From our experience, however, it really depends and it really varies; so much so that the price of crude oil futures has an effect on our driveway paving cost or asphalt driveway cost for that matter. Can you imagine that? Therefore, the best way to ensure you get the most up-to-date and the most competitive pricing on your next driveway paving project is actually to give us a ring at 289-217-9180.

Paving Season
Due to the influx of immigrants into the beautiful country of Canada and the spreading of the Toronto population overflow, neighboring areas such as Vaughan, Markham and Brampton are experiencing both an increase in population and an increase in driveway paving inquiries. Summer and fall are the ideal seasons for any sort of construction to take place. In the case of Ontario, Canada, they are also the only seasons where driveway paving is feasible. For that reason, we’re often fully booked for months ahead during the paving season. To ensure that your driveway paving project meets the deadline, we kindly advise you to book your appointments with us sooner rather than later.