Pavement Marking Vaughan

A lot of time, simply having a well paved road is not enough. What good is a road if road users don’t know how to properly use it? That’s where pavement marking comes in. A well striped road gives clear instruction to road users, letting them know what direction to take, which side to be on, what speed they should be going at, etc. In addition, a parking lot with well-planned streaking can maximize its space and fit the maximum number of vehicles without jeopardizing safety. Pavement marking is a hallmark for safety, both literally and figuratively. No matter how good a blazing job is, a simple fact is that lines fade overtime and will require restriping. At Vaughan Paving Pro, we don’t take imprinting any less seriously than we do paving and repairing. By the way, if you're ever looking for a reliable fencing company in Mobile, AL, USA, our good partner Fence Company Mobile AL will be there to help. Basically, there are many steps in the labeling process. Below we’ll break down the streaking process step by step. Successful striping comes down to these factors.

Key Benefits for line marking:
The curb appeal definitely is one of the reasons that makes streaking a sought after maintenance option. After all, there’s just something about a freshly striped lot with popping colored stripes on a nicely seal coated asphalt paving that makes it so eye-catching. As far as traffic is concerned, good blazing ensures proper flows of traffic and prevents traffic jams or accidents.


Pavement Marking Procedure

Imprinting job is best done on a freshly sealcoated surface. Also, any crack and pothole interfering with the lines need to be sealed and repaired.
Before sealcoating a pavement, put a masking tape right where the existing stripe begins. That way, it’s easy to relocate existing stripes and new stripes can be added on top. Without the tapes, once the seal coat wears off, there’d be two different patterns and two stripes.
Make sure no traffic is present during the striping procedure. A sign should be placed that indicates that traffic should detour.
Always put a chalk line on every stripe. Alternatively, measure every line such that each line is consistent in length. Since paving buckles and moves overtime, simply striping along the old stripe will often result in crooked stripes.
Premarking should be made as a reference point for where the actual blazing should be.
Put a shingle in front of every starting point. This will ensure that a nice straight square line is formed at the endpoint of every stripe.

Machine Selection
How to Select the Most Suitable Machine:
Striping machines range from entry-level all the way up to pro levels. A good rule of thumb to use when selecting a suitable machine is to ask if there’s a need to spray stencils, handicap signs, or parking arrows. If the answer is yes, then it’s best to choose a streaking machine with a detachable gun. If not, a competitively priced entry-level unit without a detachable gun will suffice.

Prerequisites for Successful Markings
The following are the general prerequisites for successful markings:
-clean surfaces
-dry surfaces
-length & width control
The 5 pavement marking systems used at Vaughan Paving Pros are:
Alkyd Paints, thermoplastic materials, water-based paints, preformed materials, polyester

Good pavement marking measures should take into account visual effectiveness, durability, and night visibility.